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Name description Language
recrea 2023 tily en
phrases common phrases, interjections, etc. fr
Little Prince en
jurisprudencia First es
My list en
Test1 en
ss sss en
prepositions en
Connectors Variety of connector from B2 to C2 with the purpose of improving my level on the B2 writing part. en
Fans of American series This is a list of vocabulary for the chapter "Fans of American series" from the manual Shine Bright, 2nde. en
WR en
Thai-boxing en
‘Villages of Discipline’ - Revolutionary Change and Refugees in South-East Asia This the vocabulary from an article of modern history. en
EAP MA1 Slide 1-22 My vocabulary for MA1 EAP en
EAP MA1 Slide 23- My vocabulary for MA1 EAP en