phrasal verbs

by nekis
77 useful-common phrasal verbs
(77 terms)
term Description
come across come across sb or sth
look after look after sb,sth or sbself,inseperatable
take after sb inseperable
give away give sth away or give away sth
put away seperable
throw away seperable
call back seperable
break down
cut down cut down on sth,inseperable
let down seperable
put down seperable
settle down
slow down seperable
turn down seperable
write down seperable
look for
look forward to
check in seperable
fill in seperable
get in seperable
cut off seperable
drop off seperable
get off seperable
go off
log off or log out
put off seperable
set off
take off seperable
tell off seperable
turn off seperable
come on
get on
go on
hold on
have on seperable
put on seperable
turn on seperable
check out (of) seperable
find out seperable
get out
give out seperable
go out
leave out (of) seperable
put out seperable
run out (of)
sort (out) seperable
wear out seperable
sell out (of)
work out seperable
fall over
get over
turn over seperable
come round
be up to
blow up seperable
break up
bring up seperable
catch up (with) seperable
cheer up seperable
do up seperable
fill up seperable
get up seperable
give up
grow up
hang up
keep up
hold up seperable
make up seperable
own up (to)
pick up seperable
put up with
set up seperable
look up seperable
speak up
take up
turn up seperable
wake up seperable