Phrasal verbs with "out"

by hammerbcn
(88 terms)
term Description
make sth out
make out with sb
get sth out
get out of sth
take sth out, take out sth
go out
go out with sb
back out
break out in sth
break out of sth
fill sth out
check sth out
check sb out
cut sth out
put sb out
stand out
work out
wotk sth out
sort out
give out sth, give sth out
ask sb out
figure sth out
bail sb out, bail out sb: bale sb out, bale out sb
belt sth out
bottom out
butt out
cash out
come out
come out with sth
fork out
grind out sth, grind sth out
take sb out
average out at sth
thrash out
luck out
blank out
black out
blow sth out, blow out sth
branch out
carry out
cancel out
carve out
catch sb out
clock out
chicken out
cop out
cross out sth, cross sth out
dine out
drown sth/sb out
eke out
even sth out
fade out
farm out sb, farm sb out
fizzle out
filter out
flunk out
grow out of sth
hang out
hang out with sb
hand out
hear sb out
hole out
jut out
knock sb out
kit out
sell out
leave sb out
leave sth out
miss out on sth
lose out
pad sth out
pick sb out
pan out
pop out
rat out
ride sth out, ride out sth
rule sth out, rule out sth
scratch sth out
set sth out
single sb out
sneak out of
spell sth out, spell out sth
spit sth out, spit out sth
point sth out, point out sth
stick out
talk sb out of sth
weed sb out, weed out sb
wipe sth out, wipe out sth