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all kinds of # οκ. κάθε λογής, όλων των ειδών
good to go έτοιμος
get down to work # οκ. get down to business στρώνομαι στη δουλειά
get back to επιστρέφω
hit back ανταποδίδω / εκδικούμαι # 
oval-shaped ˈəʊv.l  ωοειδής  # 
cone-shaped ˈkəʊn   κωνικός
bowl-shaped ˈbəʊl  κοίλος  # 
pull off οκ. $ If a vehicle pulls off, it starts moving: to succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected:  pull off κάνω εγγραφή, εγγράφομαι a feat/miracle/deal __ It's an ambitious plan, so let's see if we can really pull it off.
hang around
hang around with
add insult to injury $ οκ. 
the icing on the cake $ οκ. 
make up # οκ. σκαρφίζομαι, συναρμολογώ / φτιάχνω, αποτελώ-ούμαι 
make up with $ οκ. τα βρίσκω με κπ. # I haven't made up with Alex yet after yesterday's fight.
get a glimpse of catch a glimpse of (στα αγγλικά λεξικά δεν αναφέρεται get)
on top of that $ οκ. on top of sth: in addition to something, especially something unpleasant:  σαν να μην έφτανε το... # 
let alone $ οκ. let alone do something: and to an even greater degree do something: Brian would never even read a newspaper, ~ a book. # 
by all means $ οκ. βεβαίως, ασφαλώς # 
turn [sth] around # οκ. αλλάζω τελείως: to change an unsuccessful business, plan, or system so that it becomes successful: They were losing badly but they turned things around in the second half of the game. 
turn the tables on οκ. αντιστρέφω τους όρους, παίρνω εκδίκηση  to change a situation so that you now have an advantage over someone who previously had an advantage over you: 
value for money οκ. που αξίζει τα λεφτά του.  # 
one after another (one after the other) οκ. many, in a series: I'll eat chocolates ~ until the box is finished. 
one thing leads to another οκ. # If  ~, there is a series of events in which each event was caused by the previous one: At first, we were just talking a little, but one thing led to another, and he asked me out
be one thing after another / the other οκ.You say that it is one thing after another/the other when many things are happening in a short time: I've been so busy today. It's been one thing after another. #
put on $ οκ. [*c] put the light / tv / radio / oven / some music on __ She puts on her shoes / jacket / face cream__  || υποκρίνομαι / προσποιούμαι / κάνω: He put on an annoying high voice to imitate his sister. # 
caught up in οκ. # absorbed in απορροφημένος με κτ, μπλέκομαι σε κτ.  (so) [to be] involved in an activity that you (do not notice other things) [did not intend to be involved in]
brighten up οκ. [ˈbraɪt.n = φωτίζω]  βελτιώνω, χαροποιώ # 
most certainly οκ. definitely, εννοείται, και βέβαια : Do I love my husband? I ~ do! / "Did you remember to bring the tickets?" "I ~ did!" # 
most importantly $ οκ. (above all)  το πιο σημαντικό, κυρίως: I go to my exercise class for the fun and social side of it and, ~ I suppose, for my health.
most likely $ οκ. most probable, πιο πιθανό: The ~ explanation for your wallet being missing is that it fell out of your pocket.
talk of συζητώ, κουβεντιάζω, λέω // They talk of invading that country.
at best # $ οκ. στην καλύτερη περίπτωση || even if the best possible result happens: If he drops the course now, at best he’ll get an incomplete, and he could fail. 
in principle # $ οκ. στην θεωρία
cease cease to do / to be / to exist, cease fire
in practice # οκ. στην πράξη
this is it # οκ. Here is the awaited thing (να, εδώ είναι, επιτέλους), this is the end (επιτέλους)
no matter what οκ. whatever, ό,τι και να γίνει
what the heck οκ. τι στο καλό / διάολο 
go places πάω μπροστά # 
get somewhere  οκ get far/somewhere/anywhere: to make progress or to improve: She's taking flute lessons, but she really doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with it. __ It's been hard settling in, but I feel like I'm getting somewhere at last.
take action
take a look
take a walk
take a toll οκ. ˈtəʊl  έχω επιπτώσεις, αφήνω το σημάδι μου # 
take over οκ. cf4  αναλαμβάνω # 
make a decision $ οκ.  
make a reservation οκ. 
make an appointment οκ. κλείνω ραντεβού. 
make an appearance οκ. εμφανίζομαι, κάνω την εμφάνισή μου: # I wonder if the bride's ex-boyfriend will ~ at the wedding?
make a bet on [sth] στοιχηματίζω σε κτ. # Do you want to ~ this fight?
high-end adj. ακριβό, ποιοτικό: # intended for people who want very good quality products and who do not mind how much they cost: ~ video equipment / consumers
low-end $ adj. ~ products or goods are cheaper and more basic than other similar ones sold in the same market
sneak peek αποκλειστική πρώτη ματιά. # An opportunity to see something before it is officially available: The company is offering a ~ at the new software.
intend [sth] for [sth/sb] προορίζομαι, προτίθεμαι #
talk into $ οκ. πείθω κπ. για κτ. # He's against the idea, but I think I can talk him into it.
reason $ reason for / why,   in reason = εντός λογικών ορίων,   reason with someone = οκ. λογικεύω κπ.
speak ill of $ to say unkind things about someone: I realize one shouldn't ~ the dead. #
badmouth κατακρίνω, κακολογώ. # to say bad things about someone to other people: Her co-workers ~ed her to her boss. _ You'll never hear him ~ing an opponent.
think ill of $  3.13 (Φρ.Ιδ)
think highly of $  οκ. think/speak highly of someone:  to admire or say admiring things about someone: He's very highly thought of within the company.
back up αντιγράφω, στηρίζω: # It is advisable to ~ all the files on your computer regularly, in case of breakdown.  / I'll back you up on it.     
bank holiday Αργία. *c. An official public holiday when banks, schools, and many businesses are closed for the day: Is Good Friday a ~ ?
public holiday $ # (επίσημη) αργία (national day off work): July 4th is a ~ in the United States. // New Year's Day is a ~ in many countries.
mass shooting / killing There is a lack of consensus on how to define a mass shooting. Most terms define [..] mass shootings as involving "four or more shot (injured or killed) in a single incident, at the same general time and location, not including the shooter
bloodshed αιματοχυσία #
second best αμέσως καλύτερος, που έρχεται δεύτερος
take on cf4 αναλαμβάνω || to accept a particular job or responsibility: She took too much on and made herself ill. || to begin to have a particular quality: Her voice took on a troubled tone. ||  to employ someone: She was taken on as a laboratory assistant.
stay on
all for υπέρ, όσοι είναι υπέρ || I will never oppose something if all the people are for it
one of a kind μοναδικός, ξεχωριστός
whipping boy αποδιοπομπαίος τράγος #
scapegoat $ αποδιοπομπαίος τράγος #
punching bag $ σάκος του μποξ #
make little of something $ οκ. # to not consider something to be very important: He made little of his ordeal. / the rest of the team makes little of the work I contribute. = η υπόλοιπη ομάδα υποτιμά τη δουλειά που προσφέρω.
in cahoots with [sb] $ συνεννοημένος με κπ., τα έχω κάνει πλακάκια με κπ.
result in something $ to cause a particular situation to happen: The fire ~ed in damage to their property. [ + -ing verb ] Icy conditions ~ed in two roads being closed.
pass [sth/sb] off as [sth/sb] $ πλασάρω κπ/κτ ως κπ/κτ
buy $ # τρώω, χάφτω // to believe that something is true: She’ll never ~ that story about having to take care of your sick grandmother.
fall into place # παίρνω το δρόμο μου
tie up
to the point εντός θέματος, εύστοχος  #
get to the point $ # μπαίνω (έλα) στο ψητό, φτάνω στην ουσία
come to a point where $ # φτάνω στο σημείο να: I have come to a point in my life where I do not like to party every night.
get off the point $ βγαίνω εκτός θέματος
have a point # έχω (ένα) δίκιο, 
make a point (say sth significant) καταλήγω κάπου, επιχειρηματολογώ, λέω κάτι. // Will you stop interrupting me? I'm trying to ~ here! = Θα σταματήσεις να με διακόπτεις; Προσπαθώ να πω κάτι!
make your point # (give opinion) εξηγώ τη θέση / την άποψή μου, εξηγώ τι εννοώ
miss the point (fail to understand) δεν πιάνω το νόημα
on the point of [sth] στα πρόθυρα: the bank is ~ collapse.
on the point of doing [sth] # (about to do sth) στο χείλος του: She was on the point of leaving when he finally arrived.= Ήταν έτοιμη να φύγει όταν επιτέλους έφτασε.
point at issue cf7 (matter being discussed) θέμα υπό συζήτηση: Global warming was the main point at issue of the conference.
point of departure # (starting point of a journey) αφετηρία, σημείο αναχώρησης
point of honour # θέμα/ζήτημα τιμής
point of interest (landmark, interesting place) σημείο ενδιαφέροντος: # There are many points of interest along the highway
point of no return σημείο της μη επιστροφής #
point [sth] out, point out [sth] επισημαίνω, παρατηρώ
point to [sth] $ (suggest, indicate)  δείχνω (μεταφορικά: κτ ή ότι/πως), δείχνω με το δάχτυλο κτ. #
point of sale (place where sth is sold) σημείο πώλησης  # 
point the way (indicate where to go) δείχνω το δρόμο / πού είναι  # 
point your finger at [sb] κατηγορώ
prove your point (show you are correct) αποδεικνύω
up to a point ως ένα σημείο  # 
there is no point δεν υπάρχει λόγος, είναι μάταιο
there is no point in doing [sth] $ δεν έχει νόημα να κάνεις κτ   # 
weak point cf8  $ (fault, flaw) αδύνατο σημείο  # 
talking point cf7 θέμα προς συζήτηση
strong point (sb's best quality or feature) (μτφ) το δυνατό σημείο   # 
starting point αρχικό σημείο, αρχή   # 
entry point σημείο εισόδου
end point τελικό σημείο, άκρο
melting point σημείο τήξης
meeting point $ σημείο συνάντησης
lowest point $ (worst or most miserable situation) πάτος: I reached my lowest point just after my wife left me.
good point σωστή / εύστοχη παρατήρηση
the low point $ (least happy time) η χειρότερη στιγμή
objective point of view $ (impartial opinion, perspective) αντικειμενική άποψη
point of view άποψη, οπτική γωνία
at hand near in time or position: We want to ensure that help is at hand (= easily available) for all children suffering abuse.
done with κουράστηκα / βαρέθηκα (κτ., με ή από κτ.), relationship: finish, end (έχω τελειώσει με κπ.)
put up with
keep doing [sth]
pass on δίνω κτ σε κπ άλλο, κληροδοτώ
give in ενδίδω
second hand
hand picked
take into account λαμβάνω υπόψη
go the distance $ to manage to continue until the end of a competition
go into [sth] enter (a building, room), μπαίνω (σε λεπτομέρειες), ασχολούμαι με κτ., // go into journalism / business / commercial production / teaching / a coma 
if nothing else at least, τουλάχιστον, αν μη τι άλλο : If nothing else I had a good home movie on my hand that my parents would enjoy. dFlybZL1mWE 8.04 
honk the horn κορνάρω
take up
go along with συμφωνώ, στηρίζω
take [sth/sb] along $ παίρνω κπ/κτ μαζί μου 
frame of reference (viewpoint) πλαίσιο αναφοράς // a set of ideas or facts that a person accepts and that influences the person’s behavior, opinions, or decisions: A good education provides a frame of reference that enables students to make good choices for a lifetime.
aside set ~, put ~, stand ~, step ~, turn ~, 
take issue with [sth/sb] διαφωνώ με κτ/κπ. // to disagree strongly with someone or something: I take issue with parents who push their children too hard.
shoot for to try to do something: It's worth taking chances when you're shooting for a chance of fame and wealth. || to try to achieve something: Our football team will shoot for its first victory today.
talk [sth] away
talk the night away
dance the night away
blow away παρασύρω/μαι, στέλνω κπ. (αφήνω άφωνο)
pass away euphemism (die) φεύγει κπ. (απ' την ζωή)  φρ.ιδ
do away with *c. ξεφορτώνομαι / παύω να χρησιμ κτ.  Computerization has enabled us to do away with a lot of paperwork. __ These ridiculous rules and regulations should have been done away with years ago.  /// murder (καθαρίζω, τρώω κπ.) φρ.ιδ
give away χαρίζω, προδίδω / "δίνω"  to tell people something secret, often without intending to: The party was meant to be a surprise, but Sharon gave it away.  φρ.ιδ
get away ξεφεύγω, δραπετεύω, φύγε!
get away with $ την βγάζω καθαρή, την γλιτώνω
the buck stops here used to say that one accepts a responsibility and will not try to give it to someone else: I'm willing to accept the blame for what happened. The buck stops here with me.
issue issue sb with sth // issue sth to sb
if need be $ οκ. αν χρειάζεται  φρ.ιδ
make a fool of yourself
time off $ άδεια || take / have time off One in five employees admits to taking time off because of stress.
come up with βρίσκω || to suggest or think of an idea or plan
come up to happen, usually unexpectedly: I've got to go - something has just come up at home and I'm needed there. || to be mentioned or talked about in conversation: What points came up at the meeting?
come about happen, προκύπτω, συμβαίνω
get on your nerves $ (irritate) (καθομιλουμένη) του δίνω στα νεύρα, του σπάω νεύρα
get to [sb] If something gets to you, it makes you suffer: The heat was beginning to get to me, so I went indoors
put [sth] off $ αναβάλλω
been there (I have experienced that.) τα έχω περάσει, έχω βρεθεί στη θέση σου, τα ξέρω
live up to [sth] $ ανταποκρίνομαι σε κτ.
take with a grain of salt $ δεν παίρνω τοις μετρητοίς   to not completely believe something that you are told, because you think it is unlikely to be true: You have to take everything she says with a grain of salt, because she tends to exaggerate.
run into (collide with, crash into) συγκρούομαι / πέφτω πάνω σε κπ/κτ
with caution με προσοχή
take precautions $ (act to prevent sth) παίρνω προληπτικά μέτρα
preventive measure (action taken to prevent sth) προληπτικό μέτρο
go on συνεχίζω : ~ with what you're doing _ We can't ~ living like this || To move to the next thing or stage: She admitted her company's responsibility for the disaster and went on to explain how compensation (αποζημίωση) would be paid to the victims.
out of sight out of mind
no use
city break τουρισμός πόλης ή αστικός τουρισμός, αφορά ταξίδια αναψυχής μικρής διάρκειας που έχουν ως σκοπό την γνωριμία με μια πόλη.
get off on [sth] παθιάζομαι / ενθουσιάζομαι με κτ. 
pull [sth] off $ φέρνω εις πέρας, καταφέρνω
let go
more of a οκ. 
set up οκ. ιδρύω, ξεκινώ μια επιχείρηση, παγίδα-εύω, τη στήνω σε κπ., στήνω / συναρμολογώ.
basket case οκ. infml  *m. a person who is functionally incapacitated from extreme nervousness, emotional distress, mental or physical overwork, etc.  By the end of the course I was a complete ~.
knock it off οκ. stop it || κόφτο
start over ξαναρχίζω 
come over οκ. (pay a visit) έρχομαι, περνώ to come to a place, move from one place to another, or move towards someone:  ~ here! To change from one side (as of a controversy) to the other. || To visit casually : drop in.  ~ whenever you like.
stop over # to stay at a place for a short period of time on the way to somewhere else or before returning home: Marj decided to ~ in Pittsburgh to see an old friend.
get over οκ. ξεπερνώ  ή  be over sth. (recovered from) ξεπερνώ #
climb up klaɪm || σκαρφαλώνω
climb down retreat   υποχώρηση, αλλαγή γνώμης / στάσης
turn down απορρίπτω, αρνούμαι, χαμηλώνω  # 
come down to If a situation or decision comes down to something, that is the thing that influences it most:  What it all comes down to is your incredible insecurity.
come along οκ. to go somewhere with someone: || # to start to exist: I gave up climbing when my first child came along. // to arrive or appear at a place: You wait half an hour for a bus, then three ~ at once!
come along οκ. If something is coming along, it is developing or improving: # Hassan's English is really coming along. || to advance or improve: How’s your English coming along?
get along (be friends) τα πάω καλά # // Δ. βγάζω πέρα. to deal with a situation, usually successfully: I wonder how he is getting along in his new job? // (progress) προχωρώ. Are you getting along with the project?
comic relief
easy-peasy UK infml or child's word. Other examples may be even-steven and easy-peasy, lemonsqueezy. 
even-steven ισοπαλία, (καθομιλουμένη) πάτσι, The two teams were even-stevens at halftime.
power play a situation in which a person or organization tries to get an advantage by showing that they are more powerful than another: Republicans view the change as a power play by Democrats. 
tough love a way of dealing with someone who has a problem in which you do not show a lot of kindness so that they try to solve it themselves: 
outstanding ˌaʊtˈstændɪŋ // very much better than usual; excellent: an ~ performance/writer/novel/year. // cf6. (NOT FINISHED) not yet paid, solved, or done: ~ issues / debt / mortgage / balance #
in essence  στην ουσία #
in danger σε κίνδυνο
in total ˈtəʊ.t.l  \ συνολικά
in common in the same way as someone or something: They worked ~ with other organizations to educate women on their political responsibilities. _ These are just some of the challenges we face ~ with other schools in our region. 
in brief briːf  || εν συντομία  #
in part (partially) εν μέρει, μερικώς 
in short εν συντομία, με λίγα λόγια #
in truth (honestly, to tell the truth) για να πω την αλήθεια, για να είμαι ειλικρινής 
in person αυτοπροσώπως, από κοντά
in turn με τη σειρά (μου)  # one after the other in an agreed order: Each of us takes a break in turn _ These five criteria are discussed in turn in the following article.
in check adv (controlled, under restraint) υπό έλεγχο
in a whisper ψιθυριστά, εμπιστευτικά  # 
in private ιδιωτικά # 
in sight οκ. cf2. cf3. ορατός, στο οπτικό μου πεδίο / που τον βλέπω. # 
in terms of (in relation to) όσον αφορά # used to describe which particular area of a subject you are discussing: In terms of money / quality _ in financial / environmental terms, 
put to shame $ ντροπιάζω: It puts me to shame that I still haven't replied to his letter _ Your cooking puts mine to shame _ To my shame (I feel ashamed because) I never wrote and thanked Mary for her present.
make over ανακαινίζω, αλλάζω εμφάνιση  cf5. 
put forward προτείνω, put something/someone forward = to state an idea or opinion, or to suggest a plan or person, for other people to consider: 
bring up αναθρέφω / μεγαλώνω, αναφέρω / φέρνω στην κουβέντα, cf5. 
by chance κατά τύχη  cf5. 
at some point οκ. (at an unspecified moment) κάποια στιγμή, σε κάποια φάση cf5. 
resort to [sth] cf5. προσφεύγω / καταφεύγω σε κτ.
no good ατελέσφορος, τζίφος, άχρηστος 
make [sth] into [sth] else οκ. (transform sth) (τροποποιώ) μετατρέπω σε (αλλάζω μορφή) μεταμορφώνω σε : # She made her old pair of jeans into a new skirt.
be off φεύγω, την κάνω  #
in the habit of οκ. in the habit of doing sth = έχω τη συνήθεια να κάνω # κτ. movie: he is not in the habit of telling lies
loose end cf6. οκ. ˌluːs ˈendz // εκκρεμότητα, ελεύθερο άκρο # // something that still needs to be done or explained: My research is done, but I have some loose ends to tie up.
tie up tie up loose ends (resolve a situation) = τακτοποιώ τις εκκρεμότητες 
pending matter cf6. $ εκκρεμότητα 
make ready make ready to do sth = (prepare for action) ετοιμάζομαι να κάνω κτ.  Miranda made ready to set out on her journey.
keep up with *c συμβαδίζω, φτάνω, ενημερώνομαι: # the children had to run to keep up _ Wages are failing to keep up with inflation. _ He keeps up with current events. _ She walks so fast I can never keep up with her.
keep up with $ προχωρώ / τα βγάζω πέρα με κτ: to do sth or move at an acceptable rate, or at the same rate as sb or sth else: # you have to work hard to keep up _ they have to keep up with the competition _ to keep up with the mortgage repayments.
a mind of (one's) own οκ. A capacity or inclination to think or act independently: a reporter with a mind of her own.
have a mind of its own οκ. κάνει του κεφαλιού του // A machine or other object can be said to have ~ if it seems to be controlling the way it behaves or moves, independently of the person using it: This shopping trolley has ~
thought-out οκ. σχεδιασμένος, που το έχω σκεφτεί
well-thought-out οκ. καλομελετημένος
max out οκ. φτάνω κτ. στα όριά του: # The air conditioner was maxed out, but it still felt hot in the car.
way out διέξοδος, τρόπος διαφυγής #
stand out ξεχωρίζω #
walk out φεύγω, εγκαταλείπω (exit on foot), (abandon sth or sb) 
take out βγάζω to get money from a bank account: I took out some money for the weekend. || to arrange to get something from a company, bank, etc.: He had to take out a loan to pay his taxes.
out of your mind οκ. τρελαίνομαι
out of sight out of mind $ οκ. cf2. μάτια που δεν βλέπονται γρήγορα λησμονούνται  # 
long time no see οκ. (I haven't seen you for a long time) χρόνια και ζαμάνια || or (it's been so long! ) # 
snap out of οκ. συνέρχομαι γρήγορα, (αργκό) ξεκολλάω (από κτ) # // to stop experiencing something unpleasant or stop behaving in a negative way: He has finally snapped out of a four-week hitting slump.
let [sth] slide οκ. (neglect) παρ(αμελώ), παραβλέπω: # let sth/sb slide: to not do anything about something or someone when you should try to change or correct that thing or person: 
fall out of He'd completely fallen out of my image of him. [Lars Von Trier on David Lynch]
in the red (owing money) μείον The company had been in the red for years = Η εταιρεία ήταν μείον για χρόνια
word of mouth
keep busy απασχολούμαι  Δ. keep her busy till I get a ticket = gt. κράτησέ την απασχολημένη μέχρι να βγάλω εισιτήριο
straighten ˈstreɪ.t.n  ισιώνω, γίνομαι ίσιος,
straighten out συμμορφώνομαι / παίρνω τον ίσιο δρόμο: You either ~ or you find someplace else to live. ξεκαθαρίζω: We need to ~ this disagreement before we go any further.
be on the take (take bribes) δωροδοκούμαι, χρηματίζομαι, (καθομιλουμένη) λαδώνομαι # 
take the rap slang (accept blame for sth) (αργκό) χρεώνομαι το φταίξιμο: # Everyone's on the take, but in the end one takes the rap [movie: Ο βασιλιάς 2002 51'57''] || rap = χτύπημα, χτυπώ, ραπ μουσική
write sb off infml (consider a failure) (μτφ) ξεγράφω, απορρίπτω: # to decide that a particular person or thing will not be useful, important, or successful: A lot of companies seem to write people off if they're over 50.
turn to cf5. καταφεύγω  # 
turn up εμφανίζομαι, 
turn on Δ. εξαρτάται από || If something turns on something else, it depends on it or is decided by it: The success of the talks turns on whether both sides are willing to make some concessions.
turn on switch on ανάβω, ερεθίζω σεξουαλικά, στρέφομαι εναντίον
nothing of the sort τίποτα τέτοιο: # I told him nothing of the kind (= I did not tell him anything like that).
fingers crossed! χτύπα ξύλο # used when you hope very much that something will happen in the way that you want: He's injured at the moment but ~ he'll be able to play. _ I had my ~ that it would work.
get to doing sth slang (start: doing) αρχίζω, ξεκινάω:  We don't get to see the origin of the rules that define those film's alternate realities
start on something  *c. to start to deal with something, or to start to use something: I'm just about to start on the cleaning. _ When did your baby start on solid food?
close down κλείνω, διακόπτω τις εργασίες,  the act or process of ending the operations of a business, system, industry, etc. either temporarily or permanently: 
the other way around αντίστροφα
make ends meet to have just enough money to pay for the things that you need  # 
in control cf3 [in control of] You need to stay ~ your emotions.
at best οκ. στην καλύτερη περίπτωση: # If he drops the course now, at best he’ll get an incomplete, and he could fail. 
at worst στην χειρότερη περίπτωση: # ~ we'll have learnt something from the experience.
in the long run μακροπρόθεσμα  # 
apart from (except) εκτός, με εξαίρεση # 
keep doing [sth]
keep going to help someone to continue doing something or living normally, especially in a difficult situation: # It was the thought of their mockery that kept him going.
astray əˈstreɪ  away from the correct path or correct way of doing something: παρασύρω, παραπλανώ, χάνομαι: # She might be led ~ (=encouraged to behave badly) by her unsuitable friends _ I was led ~by an out-of-date map _ The letter must have gone ~ in the post.
get a life something you say to a boring person when you want them to do more exciting things: #  Don't tell me you're cleaning the house on a Saturday night?  ~, Hannah! _ Dave kept trying to tell me what to do, and I just told him to ~ .
the real thing the original, best, or most typical example of something:# (true love αληθινή αγάπη) I think what I have with Nelson is the real thing. || (authentic αυθεντικός) Are your diamonds paste or are they the real thing?
pull off (succeed in doing sth) καταφέρνω, φέρνω εις πέρας: # He surprised me - I didn't think he could pull it off.
no-brainer οκ. Δεν θέλει και σκέψη, ευκολάκι. # Something so simple or obvious that you do not need to think much about it: You're not sure if you should marry Ed? He's good-looking, intelligent, and kind. C'mon, it's a no-brainer!
call off ακυρώνω
run through προβάρω, πρόβα : ~ the song
break through οκ. κάνω πρόοδο, # 
break out δραπετεύω  # 
break down χαλάω, γκρεμίζω, καταρρέω / ξεσπώ σε κλάματα, αναλύω # 
fall to pieces καταρρέω, διαλύομαι, λυγίζω: # [..] unable to think clearly and control their emotions because of something unpleasant: She went to pieces when her only child died.
fall to pieces to break apart into smaller parts: The glass must have been cracked - it just fell to pieces in my hand || If a relationship, organization, or system falls or goes to pieces, it fails: Their marriage began to fall to pieces after only a few months. 
go to pieces  fall to pieces
on the loose (unfettered) λυτός: The neighbor's dogs are ~ and they are chasing our chickens.
turning point  σημείο καμπής #
once in a while  adv (occasionally) περιστασιακά #
from time to time (now and then, occasionally) περιστασιακά, σποραδικά, πότε πότε:  ~ I still think of her. _ We would have a meal there ~ 
put [sth] out (body part: extend) απλώνω, εκτείνω, (publish, issue) εκδίδω, κυκλοφορώ, # (light: switch off) σβήνω, (fire: extinguish) (φωτιά) σβήνω
put [sb] out ταλαιπωρώ / ξεβολεύω κπ.,:  to cause trouble or extra work for someone: # Would it put you out if we came tomorrow instead of today?  ||  θυμώνω κπ to annoy or upset someone, often by what you do or say to them:
in the prime of life in your / its prime: in the best, most successful, most productive stage: # The horse retired from racing while still in his prime. _ She was in the prime of her working life when she retired, but she continued as a consultant.
sign up  $ οκ. κάνω εγγραφή, γίνομαι μέλος, συμφωνω σε κτ.: # to agree to become involved in an organized activity: I've signed up to make the sandwiches for the party.  || to join a group or organization: Kathy signed up for the soccer team this year.
log in (also log on) (sign in) συνδέομαι: # to connect to a computer system by putting in a particular set of letters or numbers: Your network administrator will log you in the first time you use the system.
log in What is the user name and password that you use to log on? _ Find out more about our products by logging on to our website. _ It has 1.7 million registered customers who log in to play games and socialize.
stand off (deadlock) αδιέξοδο: # There's now a standoff (or stand-off) between management and labour. = Η διοίκηση και οι εργάτες έχουν φτάσει πλέον σε αδιέξοδο.
dead end  (road: cul-de-sac) (job, etc.: with no future) αδιέξοδο, χωρίς μέλλον, χωρίς προοπτική, #
to the bone    close ~ / brothers ~ /
front load
keep an eye out for infml (remain vigilant for) έχω το νου μου για #
keep an eye on infml (watch carefully) (καθομιλουμένη) έχω τον νου μου σε κτ, παρακολουθώ, προσέχω
catch-22 αδιέξοδο: a situation in which there are only two possibilities, and you cannot do either because each depends on having done the other first: # It's a real ~ : to get a job you need experience, but to get experience you need a job.
fine dining γκουρμέ γεύμα / πιάτο, #
along the way στη διαδρομή, καθ' οδόν, #
en route ˌɑːn ˈruːt    καθ' οδόν, στον δρομό: # The bomb exploded while the plane was ~ from Paris to Tokyo.
conflict of interest (also conflict of interests) σύγκρουση συμφερόντων: # a situation in which someone cannot make a fair decision because they will be affected by the result: I need to declare a ~ here - one of the candidates for the job is a friend of mine.
selling point cf8 Δ. ελκυστικό χαρακτηριστικό ενός προϊόντος || a characteristic of a product that will persuade people to buy it: Its best ~ is the price - it's the cheapest on the market.