by divad_ha
All words for remember
(104 terms)
term Description
waste Europeans often don't like to waste paper.
pine The old pine in the garden has grown very tall.
Compound I made this new dessert using a compound of my two favorite brownie recipes.
pollutant The chemical pollutants are into the river.
landfill The county has to choose between landfill and incineration.
fuel The car ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.
lack The president has been criticized for lack of progress on immigration reform.
endangered Several new bird species have been added to the endangered list.
depth The river's depth in this spot is over one hundred metres.
suffer She suffered for years while married to him, I will not suffer any more of this behaviour!
taste Since I had the operation on my nose I have lost all sense of taste.
road The post office is three blocks down this road.
tend We in Europe tend to be very good at debating, and less good at delivering.
sense Dogs have a keen sense of smell.
wild Tigers are wild animals, As a teen, she caused her parents endless worry with her wild behaviour.
aisle Aisle seats generally allow a passenger to stretch his or her legs more.
wage All most people want is a job that pays a decent wage.
above She hung a picture above the fireplace, The temperature in Rio de Janeiro goes above 40 degrees in the summer.
measure I need to measure the wood before I cut it. He measured all of his options before acting.
toward Walk toward the Capitol and turn left on 8th Street. She was standing with her back towards me.
cope You are going through a difficult emotional time, but you will cope.
slippery Be careful, the floor has just been washed and it's still slippery.
hold She holds her child's hand when they cross the street. This container holds four litres of liquid.
beyond Clouds were visible beyond the mountains. The hotel cannot hold reservations beyond seventy-two hours.
expertise The company used the hacker's expertise to help them protect their servers.
recognition Finally Tom came to the recognition that Karla didn't love him anymore.
abroad I met many interesting people when I traveled abroad. When Joy came back from abroad, her attitude was different.
accomplish Adam accomplished his goal of passing the algebra course.
accuracy You must be able to type 60 words per minute with 90 percent accuracy
achieve There are many things I'd like to achieve. Tony achieved his goal of becoming department head.
achievement Jay's position at the top of his class at school was quite an achievement.
resemblance The resemblance between Stephanie and her sister is remarkable.
advantage One advantage of this team is our flexibility.
acquire It will be extremely difficult to acquire public credibility
advertise What do you think about the idea of advertising us in internet?
advertisement The shoe company hired a famous artist for their latest advertisement in the sports magazine.
advice My parents are always trying to give me advice.
affair Affairs of state require good policies and capable administrators.
afford We can't afford a large house. Now that I'm unemployed I can't afford to go on holiday.
approach As her wedding date approached, Martha became more nervous. The boxer approached his opponent carefully.
appointment I have an appointment at the doctor's office at 10:00. I'll be sure to put the event in my appointment calendar.
afraid When I was younger I was afraid of spiders.
apologize If you hurt someone's feelings, you should apologize. I apologized to Brenda for the incident and she forgave me.
against Many Americans are against the war.
Several Several things have to be done today, They went in several directions.
aid When she was sick, Linda asked her neighbors for aid. It's important to aid friends when they are in need
ahead We couldn't move because there was an accident ahead of us.
aim Stephen aimed carefully and prepared to fire. Jack's aiming at becoming the president of the company someday.
alike The faces of the father and the son are alike. People from the same area usually talk alike.
policy It's against company policy to date a co-worker. We need a new car insurance policy.
capable Marta is a good worker, but when it comes to overtime, she isn't capable. Annie is very capable as a researcher. 
alone Sometimes I like to go to the movies alone. George has been alone since his wife died.
allowance Dana gives his son five dollars as allowance every week. He provides an allowance for monthly living expenses.
along A wall runs along the river for safety. Along of my life I never have been there
although I see her all the time, although I never speak to her. Unfortunately, nobody is listening now, although this is very important.
amend The official amended the policy to include the new residents. The EU Constitution makes it difficult to amend the laws.
argue My friend always argues about money with her husband. Many physicists argue that black holes exist.
arrange He arranged the books in alphabetical order. They arranged for a babysitter to take care of the children.
aside Step aside and let the waiter pass. He pulled me aside and told me that I had won.
assess The consultant assessed the situation. The value of the property was assessed at one million Euros.
attach When Tina sent the email, did she attach the photos?
attempt I will attempt to talk to him on Monday. There was an attempt on the President's life.
attitude She has a positive attitude towards work. His attitude is always getting him in trouble.
award She won an award in the history competition. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace.
aware Drivers must be aware of the other cars on the road. When you drive a car, you must be aware to the limite speed
awesome The army's quick movement was an awesome display of power. Have you seen his new movie? It's awesome!
awful There was an awful accident on the highway yesterday.
bake Bake the cake for half an hour, then check to see if it is done. I'm going to have a cup of tea while my cake is baking.
bald Since Frank is bald, he puts sunscreen on his head every morning. The landscape was completely bald after the fire.
ban Many cities now have a smoking ban.This nightclub has a ban on minors.
batch The batch of new hires are waiting in the lobby. Angela baked eight batches of cookies for the holiday party.
beat The judge sentenced Willis to five years in jail for beating his victim with a baseball bat.
behind The bank worker is standing behind the desktop.
belief He had a strong belief in God. It is my belief that working thirty-five hours per week is too much.
belong He finally found a group where he belonged. The chair belongs by the table.
below Red wine should not be served below room temperature. She would not speak to anyone who was below her.
bend The machine bent the metal bar at a sharp angle. The door frame bends, so the door won't close properly.
beside I keep a flashlight beside my bed. He doesn't seem as short beside the other men.
besides It's a nice day for a walk, and besides, I need the exercise. There's nobody home besides me and the dog.
bite You have to bite the apple hard to get through the peel. Take a bite. You might like the taste of it.
blame Don't blame me! It wasn't my fault!. He blamed his lack of concentration on having slept badly that night.
blast The miners run for cover at the sound of the blast.
blend The blend of fruits and vegetables makes it very healthy. Blend the blue paint into the green using a soft brush.
blow The winter wind blows from the west. Sand blows across the beach.
board Somebody put a board over the mud so people could walk on it. Come to the front of the class to write the answers on the board.
borrow Can I borrow your pen?. I will borrow money to pay for the vacation. Most religions borrow ideas from older ones.
bother My little brother bothers me all the time. He didn't bother to answer the email.
bound We are bound by the terms of the contract. Judges are bound to the law.
branch Algebra is a branch of mathematics. The company has branch offices in 12 countries. 
brave Ours is the land of the free and home of the brave. She's a girl, but she's brave. He was brave enough to go there alone.
breath He took a deep breath. I can't breath through my nose. I wanted to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.
breed The farmer breeds sheep and cows. What's your favorite breed of dog?. Rabbits breed quickly.
bright The sun is bright today. This room is very bright in the morning. Carlos is a very bright man.
budget Fiona created a family spending budget. Congress will vote to approve the budget next week.
bundle The professor carried a bundle of papers to his office. Tom is a bundle of nerves
bug Someone left the window open, and now the house is full of bugs. I must have caught your flu bug. I feel awful!
burden The donkey can carry a heavy burden. Payments for the two cars are a burden on the family's resources.
cap The bottle cap keeps the water in. I lost the cap for my pen. Tom usually wears a cowboy hat, but today he's wearing a cap
carry Could you carry this table from the kitchen to the dining room?. The truck carries cargo across the country.
certain Yes, I am certain that it will rain tomorrow. They are so in love, it is certain they will marry.