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unplug                           déconnecter
auction                          enchère
steal                              voler
hold [sb] back               retenir
make off with sth          prendre la fuite avec 
ecstatic                         fou de joie
crawling                        rampant
loot                               butin
find out                         découvrir
cheer [sb] up                remonter le moral de qqn
cursed                         maudit
merry                          joyeux
wrath                            colère,rage,courroux
brethren                       frères, compagnons
flaunt                         s'exhiber, se montrer, faire étalage de
bankrupt                   faire faillite
suck [sth] up             aspirer
bidding                     faire une offre aux enchères
bunch                       un groupe de
pull up                      s'arrêter
clue                            indice
mummy                     momie
culprit                         coupable
vault                          coffre fort
betray                       trahir
laughably                   ridiculement
pitifully                       pitoyablement
vanish                        disparaître
load                           charger
disturbance              trouble, dérangement
erratic                        irrégulier
dumb If he's playing dumb
awfully he's awfully good at it 
nest Nest of spiders
half-baked I guess a half-baked lie isn't going to work
bounty The mafia put a huge bounty on your heads
whereabouts A bunch of websites are offering a reward just for your whereabouts
shut off We were just using a Nen technique called Zetsu, which shuts off your aura
hideout welcome to our hideout
liking well, he's taken a liking to Gon, so there's a chance he might help us
let on But I'm not gonna let on that I know him
in terms of Hey, in therms of arm wrestling, where woud you say I rank among the Spiders
stickler But he was a real stickler about time
fistfight I could never beat him in a fistfight
ambush That chain-user must've ambushed him or something
grudge This chain-user obviously has a big grudge against us
cocky You ! Too cocky
rip [sth] off First, his fingers. I rip nail off
hunch I guess your hunch was wrong for once
check [sth/sb] out I checked them out thoroughly on the way over here
for once
odd That's odd
doom If she checks me again, we're doomed
pull Someone must be pulling the strings behind the scenes
bait We were going to get information out of the mafia by using the chain user as bait
mince you don't mince words, do you ?
crack up You guys crack me up
boiling point That 1% of people command the majority of the world’s wealth does not mean that the 99% are a cohesive social group, still less a political force at boiling point.
upturn Studies just before it happened showed that almost all of the gains from an economic upturn had gone to the US’s wealthiest 1%
outcome Almost everywhere a similar outcome has consistently been encouraged by government policy
whose  whose assets are mainly in the form of financial investments and business shares’
in the form of
pool [sth] Does that mean that everyone else has so much in common that they could overthrow the established order by pooling their energies?
wretched But the 99% are a mix of the wretched of the earth and a (fairly thick) stratum of the upper middle class
senior civil servants
whom without whom the 1% couldn’t last for more than 48 hours.
lump Lumping them all together in the 99% is reminiscent of the foundational American myth that claims everyone is middle class, and almost everyone is rich or about to become so
manned In February 1848, workers and the middle class manned the barricades side by side in Paris
scale a sustainable political force on such an indiscriminate scale
smack  smacks at best of utopia
at worst  at worst of an unwillingness to choose
come down on to come down on one side
hole Right... That last hole must've been a decoy
stand a chance We wouldn't stand a chance
somehow Somehow we have to figure out how to compete at their level
figure out
board game We're not playing some child's board game here
hoodlum seems like only yesterday he was leading a gang of two-bit hoodlums
rub And now here he is, rubbing shoulders with Capos like us
resent Too many men resent my success
unaware because they're unaware of their own incompetence
accuracy If you can predict future with 100% accuracy
restroom when she went to the restroom, we thought nothing of it
hang up Please hang up and try again later
thirsty I was very thirsty from all that running around
at wits end Thank you, I was at my wits end when I couldn't enter
sneak and then snuck away in a crowd of other girls
accurate How accurate are your prophecies ?
mourn The others mourn him
mighty The mighty moon of frost rises
wither A chrysanthemum with its leaves wither
waver Your supremacy will not waver
seek out seek out new friends once in a bind
ominous she said that hers often held ominous warnings about what was going to happen
blade There is a Nen blade pierced into my heart
hatred My abilities were born from hatred
sake I'm telling you this for your own sake
Knock it off! Nobunaga, knock it off. 
back then Back then, we didn't know that Kurapika was the chain-user
miss out on The wolf alone misses out on the mourning frost
crouch crouching beside the scarlet eyes 
soak soaked with blood
halt Still the Spider will not be halted
limb Though only half of its limbs will be spared
yield The prophecies of the other members should yield similar results 
bathed I dunno. It only says he's bathed in blood
recklessly If we continue to fight the chain-user recklessly, it'll be a tremendous loss
replace Mu abilities, and Nobunaga's for example can be easily replaced
afford The Ryodan can't afford to lose them
evade we can evade the prophecies 
render rendering it's 100% accuracy false
cleanup these three are our main body of intelligence and cleanup
shield It's your job to act as their shield
shooting star
hunt down the Community has given up on their plan to hunt down the remaining Ryodan members !
pursuit The Ten Dons themselves gave the command to stop the pursuit
nonetheless nonetheless, after overcoming many complications
live off They say that close to ten million people live off the waste that's left there
recruit In return, the Mafia recruits valuable personnel
record Using people with not official record to commit crime
choke I give up ! You're really choking me !
at any rate At any rate, just leave the game to me
trail let's trail the ryodan for a while longer
delight those of the frost moon will especially delight him
foolproof It might not be foolproof, though
scorching On the day of the scorching sun, with the customer's help
hare the false hare will be ripped from the calender
rip [sth] from [sb/sth]
turn out How did your prophecy turn out ?
plunge The sword of the law, he plunges into you
barter he speaks of bartering and sweet deals
homesick the eleven-legged spider will become homesick
outward his outward appearance ?
enforce It's likely that the Chain-user enforced rules on Hisoka such as,
it's likely
assume we can probably assume their war with the Ryodan is entirely over
loud-mouthed No. It should've been expected, since that loud-mouthed kid is already standing there 
lift off
black out There was a black-out
comrade That guy has a group of professional Hunters as comrades
adjust When my eyes adjusted, the boss was already gone !
miscalculation That was a big miscalculation
backup They won't act until backup arrives
try to pick a fight Don't try to pick a fight on purpose
cautious You should be cautious of what you say from now on.
on purpose
shake it's not shaking at all
enjoyment It's the sound of enjoyment coming from the death that surrounds him everyday
emit How...how it's possible to emit such a sound ?
lure he's luring you ! Don't lose yourself !
wound That unexpected fatal wound...
harm two, you cannot harm the two hostages
careless don't make careless jokes like that again
pointless it's pointless to let Paku go alone
toss shouldn't we use the coin toss to decide ?
content that's only used when there are disputes regarding the content of a order
doppelganger I've made a doppelganger
needle Since he didn't use needles to change his face, it'll revert back in 4 to 5 hours
headstrong Those Spiders are really headstrong
undergo It's enough to have given you a taste of the suffering that a helpless person undergoes
hold sth back You don't have to hold anything back
revert it'll revert back in 4 to 5 hours
tantalize Are you trying to tantalize me ?
thievery That magical ability of thievery
sour But it turned sour
sneak out How did you sneak out ?
composed How could they still be so composed ?
weep Don't weep with joy about it !
nasty The tall with the nasty glare !
glare The tall with the nasty glare
wimp that wimp !
bounce off [sth] Even if the ball bounces off the wall...
bend I won't bend so easily
lousy I'm still louzy at receiving
rearguard They switches places with the rearguards to solidify defense
shot in the arm It would give us a real shot in the arm if he came back
notwithstanding He has a very strong presence, notwithstanding his short stature
mingle with [sb/sth] He mingled with the girl's team, he said
for what it's worth He's Karasuno's ace, for what it's worth
empty-headed What's with the empty-headed look ?
pear I'll buy you two kind of ice cream. Soda ice and pear flavor.
wannabe So, ace-wannabe. What's your speciality ?
decoy decoy...
flashy Because it doesn't sound flashy like ace or Guardian God
cut out for sth My granddad was a coach, but I'm not cut out for it
fell (preterit de fall) our school gradually fell behind others schools
pesky but I don't want to babysit a bunch of pesky high schoolers
reassuring It's reassuring to have Nishinoya behind you.
champ Karasuno will no longer be the fallen champs
on the verge of Our team is on the verge of transformation
pillar Now more than ever we need our pillar, the ace...
bound Something is bound to change !
spike There was a match in which all of his spikes got blocked
shoulder He's the type to shoulder all the blame
lecture I'm going to lecture you all
crouch down crouch down ! I mean, sit down !
arrange For the last day of Golden week... I've arranged a practice match !
raven Those famous matches were called " Cat vs Raven: Battle at the Garbage Dump"
dump Those famous matches were called " Cat vs Raven: Battle at the Garbage Dump"
garbage Those famous matches were called " Cat vs Raven: Battle at the Garbage Dump"
rematch I had to arrange for a rematch of destiny
fired up Let's get fired up !
smithereens I'll smash those city boys to smithereens
shitty He said "shitty boy"
Shut the hell up shut the hell up, Tsukishima !
reckon The first-years are interesting and a force to be reckoned with
shut out I can't get the thoughts of getting shut out
shrimp You might think what I'm about to say is cocky for a first-year shrimp
heft I feel the heft of the ball snug in my palm
dishearten Because if you don't come back, the second and third-years will stay disheartened !
snug I feel the heft of the ball snug in my palm
bite want to grab a bite somewhere ?
as it turns out well, as it turns out, he had this super weird shape dick, you know ?