by francy68
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let alone used for saying that something is even less likely to happen than another unlikely thing hardly have time to think these days, let alone relax
to turn my mind to
i could not get something out of my head I couldn't get the image of the stranger out of my head
to hear a clap of thunder
the sky clouded over
a thunderclap
set​/​put​/​lay (great) store by​/​on something to think that something is very important  I’ve never set much store by money and possessions.
roundabout I heard the news in a roundabout way ho saputo la notizia per vie traverse
round-about methods x vie traverse
flash of lightning lampo
peal of thunder fragore di tuono 
to get to my feet alzarsi in piedi
indefinable */ˌɪndɪˈfɪnəbəl/US:/ˌɪndɪˈfaɪnəbəl/ ,USA pronunciation: respellindi fī′nə bəl)
in the flesh in carne ed ossa
to carry out all the work in the fields portare avanti il lavoro nei campi
store the hay
shear the sheep
they were clinging to
to cling
days were numbered
to owe a debt to
to fill in the form
name after
without making the slightest effort
you can learn all there is to know about
ward off
 to launder The housekeeper laundered the sheets.
set off for
on my way
to plunge into to take the plunge (figurative) buttarsi, saltare il fosso, fare il gran passo
any possible ogni possibile
 a rocky outcrop in the shape of a Y
to climb a little higher
rapt contemplation
in the form of an eagle
high up in the mountains
doubtless her mother had told her never to talk to strangers
hold out my hand
make money from + sost gerundio
hunting season
have been around a bit He seems to have been around a bit.  A me sembra che abbia visto un bel po' di mondo
I've been around a bit, you know Io sono un uomo di mondo
a man with greying hair
to vanish without trace
wouldn't dare to non oserebbe
pass yourself off as He tried to pass himself off as a doctor  Don't try to pass yourself off as the "good guy"
take a deep breath
to say my prayers
offer up
offered up a silent prayer
convinced that
start out
go over to to move or travel towards someone or something He went over to the window and closed the curtains
Y-shaped rock
he suggested she uncover
to get my hands dirty
spade vanga
grubby sporco
to be astonished at
keep my eyes fixed on
as if oblivious to noncurante
all at once tutti allo stesso tempo
just about
obsessed with
to gain time
contented with
to slip by
to feel notthing for someone
fall into my trap
scare him off
my destiny is to
to feign
slacken The rope holding the sail slackened as the wind died down   to slacken the rope
to lavish a praise on someone slacken the grip
have a habit of doing