Expressions for describing personality

by hammerbcn
(57 terms)
term Description
armchair critic
bad egg
apple of your eye
behind the times
a big fish in a small pond
born with a silver spoon in your mouth
butter wouldn't melt in his mouth
chip off the old block
doubting Thomas
down to earth
smooth talker
fast talker
full of beans
fresh as a cucumber
hard as nails
high and mighty
dark horse
set in your ways
diamond in the rough
jack of all trades
larger than life
life and soul of the party
pen pusher
bright spark
wet blanket
upper crust
a tough cookie, one tough cookie
sleeping partner
slippery as an eel Not to be trusted
dyed in the wool
small fry
social butterfly
like father, like son
a stickler for sth
goody two shoes
spitting image
talk nineteen to the dozen
smart aleck
all things to all people
couch potato
tarred with the same brush
long in the tooth
eager beaver
top dog
whistle blower
wise guy
mover and shaker
slime ball