by alvarito994
(26 terms)
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so be it que así sea
way back when de toda la vida
adress the elephant in the room
to be sucker for
rub sb up the wrong way caer mal a alguien
once in a blue moon
bite off more tan you can chew
beat around the bush
kill two birds with one stone
push someone over the edge
something dawn on somebody pillar el fuste derepente
give sb the shits annoy someone
laugh to scorn laught at someone
get the most out of take advantage 
be knees deep very involved in a difficult situation or large task
There‚Äôs plenty of fish in the sea Igual que en español
Know [sth ]like the back of your hand
rub salt in/into the wound to make a difficult situation even worse for someone
cut it out cuando quieres cortar la conversación a alguien
fall over yourself to be very eager for doing something
hit it off cuando conoces a alguien y te llevas bien con el
take the time to [sth] tomarse la molestia de [sth]
get around [sth] sacar tiempo para algo
in behalf of en nombre de , representacion
pull yourself together recobrar la compostura
at the cutting edge of [sth] a la vanguardia