English Vocabulary

by andrepares
(117 terms)
term Description
achieve Lograr
hook Gancho/Anzuelo
bait Cebo
hilltop Cima
launch Lanzar
leaflet Folleto
brochure Folleto
cloze test
compulsory Obligatorio
brief Breve
whereas While in contrast (mientras que)
make up ones mind Decide
outgoing Extroverted
to my mind In my opinion
display Show / Dempostrate 
down-to-earth Con los pies en la tierra
funding Financing
knowledgeable Conocedor
narrow-minded Intolerant
decisive Decidido
blossom Flor / Floración
might Es posible que / Puede que
otherwise Or else (si no)
if so In that case (si es así)
provided Siempre y cuando
though However ( sin embargo) / although (aunque)
set off on sth Begin a journey
have to face to do sth Have the effrontery to do sth
behave Comportarse
tip Punta
behaviour Comportamiento
bustling With many people
all year round Todo el año
pop over Make a quick visit
getaway Escapada
insight Perception / Knowledge
self-deprecating Autocrítica
source Fuente
work sth out Solve
try sth out Test by using
mosque Mezquita
end up
alleyway Callejón
maze Labyrinth
backpack Rucksack (mochila)
turn out Conclude / Attend
go off Go away (marcharse)
rowing Remo
shed Cobertizo
huddle Apiñarse
grasp Captar (figurado)
rub off on sb Contagiarse (figurado)
proof Prueba
meet up with sb (INFORMAL) Verse, encontrarse, reunirse
purr Ronroneo / Zumbido
prop up Apoyar
snuggle Cuddle (Abrazarse, acurrucarse)
set up Instalar / Abrir negocio
read up Estudiar
undergo Someterse
assess Evaluar / Tasar
whether si
roost Bird's perching place (Gallinero / Percha)
scurf Arañar / Rayar
hint Clue / Tip
swoop Bajar en picado
prey Presa
commitment Compromiso / Promesa
raw Crudo
liver Hígado
wound Herida
spread Extenderse
foster Promote
it is advisable to Ser recomendable
It might even be Incluso podría ser
further Extra
get to know one another Llegar a conocerse
delay Retraso
to sit Rendir
forward Hacia delante / Reenviar
draw on sth Recurrir / Utilizar
acquired Obtained
delighted Encantada
opt for sth Choose / Select
wonder Preguntarse
cannon Cañón
look forward to sth FORMAL Ansiar / Anhelar
background Experience
get the most out Sacar el máximo partido
spare time Leisure time
engage in sth Comprometerse en
appeal to sb Be attractive
tricky Delicado, Complicado
blame sth on sb/sth Culpar
get into debt Endeudarse
concern Preoccupation
slip Escurrirse
devote Dedicarse, Entregarse
aware of sth Ser consciente de 
shield Escudo
shield sb, shield sb from sth Proteger a alguien de 
campaign for sth Hacer campaña por
in no time at all En cuestión de segundos
by and large In general
for good Para siempre
get more out of life Sacar provecho de la vida
end up with sth arrive somewhere
go on to do sth do sth next
get on with sth be friends /  do withouth delay 
keep sth up seguir el ritmo
look up to sb admire and respect sb
take over sth take control
shelter refuge
smitten affected
over the top desmesurado