Common fears

by gerb0150wr
(28 terms)
term Description
arachnophobia Spiders 
agoraphobia Open or crowded spaces
claustrophobia Small spaces
acrophobia Heights
mysophobia Germs
glossophobia Public speaking
trypanophobia Needles
anthropophobia People
thantophobia Death
hemophobia Blood
xenophobia The unknown
nyctophobia Darkness
pyrophobia Fire
zoophobia Animals
phasmophobia Ghosts
thalassophobia The ocean
kinemortophobia Zombies
necrophobia Death
glossaphobia Public speaking
nyctophobia Darkness
mysophobia Germs
aerophobia Flying
anthrophobia Flowers
cynophobia Dogs
odontophobia Dentists
eremophobia Being alone
basiphobia Failure
neophobia Change