Common acronyms in English

by hammerbcn
ASAP, USA, OTC, etc.
(37 terms)
term Description
ASAP As soon as possible
OTC Over the counter (in pharmacies)
USA United States of America
FYI For your information
SSN Social Security number
aka Also known as
ETA Estimated time of arrival
ETD Estimated time of delivery/departure
HR Human Resources
HRH Her/His Royal Highness
TBC To be confirmed
TBA To be announced
UFO Unidentified flying object
FAQ Frequently asked questions
ATM Automatic teller machine
RIP Rest in peace
VIP Very important person
ESL English as a second language
DIY Do it yourself
IQ Intelligence quota
GMO Genetically modified organism
PC Personal computer
PR Public Relations
SOS Save our souls
AWOL Absent without leave
MIA Missing in action
dob Date of birth
BYOB Bring your own bottle
AC Air conditioning
BLT Bacon, lettuce and tomato
cc Carbon coppy
FYI For your information
MC Master of Ceremonies
POA Power of Attorney
bcc Blank carbon copy
DOA Dead on arrival
KIA Killed in action