Vocabulary List for "Roma"

by for language class
(10 terms)
term Description
Órale A common Spanish interjection expressing approval and encouragement.
Manita What Cleo and Adela call each other throughout the film. Spanish slang for "little sister".
Gansito Mexican chocolate snack cake. Mexican version of a twinkie.
Baboso/babosa Words used in conversation between children. In the film it is used to call someone dumb or stupid.
Dar razón Since Cleo told Fermin about her pregnancy he has not taken responsibility and "hasn't given reason".
Hazte In the context of the movie, it is used to tell people to not act foolish.
Comadre In the movie Sofia is on the phone with her comadre, a woman who she has a good relationship with.
Ándale To tell someone to "hurry up" or to push someone to do something.
Estar de encargo How to modestly say someone is pregnant in Mexico.
el/la chamaco/a Casual, slang way of saying boy or girl in Mexico.