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(it's the) story of my life always having bad luck. A negative (unlucky) thing happening all the time
a flying start an excellent beginning (=to get off to a good start)
bite your tongue stop yourself from saying sth offensive, hurtful or inappropriate
cakeism we want (or we're offered) two things at the same time, which in reality is impossible to achieve
call dibs an expression to say you claim sth before s.o. else claims it (=me lo pido!) Call dibs on sth/Dibs it
caught red-handed when s.o. are discovered doing sth wrong and there's no doubt (=pillado in fraganti)
change for the better (n.) to talk about an improvement in the state or condition of something
drip feed to give information in small amounts -little by little- rather than all at once (=dosificar)
each to their/his/her own everyone has their own opinions and preferences, and that's fine(=para gustos, los colores)
famous last words when we believe sth someone says will soon be proven wrong (or to laugh at sth we've said previously)
fitspiration (=fitspo) when sth or s.o.motivates you to get fit
hard pass (slang) when we really don't want to do sth and we're not going to change our mind (=certainly not)
hats off (to sb) to say you admire or respect s.o. because they've done sth impressive (also mean 'congratulations')
it (can) happen(s) to the best of us 'don't worry as anyone can make that kind of mistake'
join the club it's said to s.o. to explain that you are in the same bad situation as they are
kiss sth goodbye an informal expression that means 'to accept the loss of a thing or a situation/opportunity'
mental gymnastics a way to talk about your brain doing hard work(=rapidez/agudeza mental)
no ifs, (ands) or buts no negotiation, compromise, or excuses are permitted. It can also mean there is no doubt
off the top of your head saying sth from memory and not checking the facts
on point an informal way of saying that sth is at the best level that it could be. Also 'perfectly appropiate'
on the table to put an idea, suggestion or plan forward for others to discuss or consider
pet hate (=pet peeve) a situation or thing that just irritates you and not everyone will feel the same way(=manía, cosa que molesta)
productivity theatre the act of s.o. appearing to work hard when in reality they're not being very productive
quiet quitting (v.) not overworking but just doing the work that is required and within your defined working hours
scatterbrain (n.) a person who is disorganised or forgetful (=absent-minded person/cabeza de chorlito, está en la luna)
shout-out (n.) mention a person or thing's name to praise or thank them publicly (=reconocimiento)
thanks a bunch (=thanks for nothing) an ironic reply to sb who is being unhelpful or not doing what they said they would do
the gift that keeps on giving a thing or situation which has benefits that are repeated over a long period of time
to be at a loss describes that feeling you get when you're not sure what to say or do (+AS TO)
to be hard at it to put lots of effort into doing sth(=estar dándole duro/dale que te pego)
to be in with a shout to have a good chance of winning sth or succeeding in sth (=estar a punto de )
to breathe down someone's neck to watch someone closely and check everything they do (=con el aliento en el cogote)
to call it a day we just mean we have decided to stop what are we doing for the rest of the day
to fill your boots take advantage of a situation, or get as much of sth as possible (eat your fill) (=ponerse las botas)
to get with the programme to accept new ways of doing things, modernise views or take on new ideas (=espabila, ponte las pilas)
to go off on one to become suddenly very angry (=despotricar)
to go with the flow (=to go with the tide) to follow others in their thoughts, ideas or actions cos it's the easiest thing (=dejarse llevar)
to jog (sb)'s memory to do sth to help sb remember (=refrescar)
to jump through (lots of) hoops to have to do lots of difficult and sometimes unnecessary things to achieve sth (=superar trabas)
to know the score to understand the situation o know what is really going on (=conocer la jugada)
to level up (p.v.) improving sth so it's the same level or quality as sth else where standards are higher
to pull the threads to investigate deeper into sth, revealing the hidden connections behind it (=tirar del hilo)
to rabbit on (p.v.) someone talking so much that they become boring to listen to (=hablar por los codos)
to run for the hills when you try to avoid doing sth because it looks unappealing, risky or even dangerous
to slow walk (sth) to delay (doing) sth or prevent it from progressing (=dilatar, demorar, retrasar)
to steal (sb)'s thunder when sb take the attention away from the other person to his own advantage
to take (sth) to heart to react to (sb)'s criticism or advise seriously so that become upset by it (=tomárselo a pecho)
to win hands down to win very easily or decisively
under your breath say sth so quietly that no one else can hear exactly what you're saying (mutter) (=por lo bajo)
wiggle room (n.)  we use to talk about how much we can change sth like a timetable or budget to allow us to do sth else
to tread/step on someone's toes annoying s.o. by involving yourself in sth that is not your responsibility (=invadir el territorio de
to one-up (infl.) have an advantage over s.o. else by doing sth (=superar)
fly-by-night (adj.) companies or people who are unreliable or difficult to trust (=chanchullero, fraudulento)
to sound out (p.v.) trying to find out what s.o. thinks indirectly-without them knowing (=tantear, sondear)
plan B a way of expressing an alternative option, in case your first situation doesn't go as planned
I'm out a way of saying you have no more of sth specific that other people want (=ya no me queda)
touch grass (v.) you can say to s.o. who you think spends too much time online or on their phone.
I don't buy it we use it to say that we don't believe something (=I don't believe you)
to light up like a Christmas tree a way of saying you look very happy or excited about sth.
to bring sth to the party/table to have sth good to offer in a situation. (table more formal than party)
elbow grease (n.) honest hard physical work (=esfuerzo, trabajo duro)
to rear its (ugly) head used to talk about sth bad appearing (=asomar la cabeza, saltar a la palestra)
a blow an expression to say sth is disappointing (=chasco, decepción)
on the go a phrase to describe how busy you are (busy, active and not relaxing)
make your hair stand on the end a phrase about things that scare you (=poner los pelos de punta). 
cash in on sth (v.) taking advantage of a situation to make money (=aprovecharse de, sacar tajada de)
a million to one (=one in a million) an expression that describes a very tiny chance of sth happening.
rinse, repeat an expression that describes repetitive actions that are predictable and tiresome
read the room (v.) a phrase that means to work out how people feel or what they think about something
cook up an idea (=cook up a plan) (v.) carefully plan something (=maquinar un plan o una idea)
brick-by-brick a phrase about building sth up or take it apart carefully and gradually (or the result of hard work)
walk s.o. through sth (v.) walkthrough (n.) showing people how to do things, or explaining sth to them (guide s.o. through sth)
in on it to know about or to be involved in sth that is happening
telling porkies an informal way to saying "tell lies"
lay it on (a bit) thick (v.) exaggerating, praising or criticising someone a bit too much
beige flag an expression that describes a habit you find strange but doesn't make you not like s.o.
do the trick (=do the job) informal way to say that sth will solve a problem, or give the result wanted (=bastar, surtir efecto
zing (vs.oomph) to describe sth exciting, energetic, or interesting (=chispa)
let loose (v.) a way of saying relax, often with a celebration
let (sb/sth) loose (v.) to give them freedom
shook (adj.) a word to express surprise or shock (=pasmado)
wishy-washy a word to describes sth weak, vague or indefined (ni fu ni fa); watery (=aguado)
stir the pot to cause trouble o be provocative (=meter cizaña)
to do the heavy lifting hard work (=trabajo pesado, trabajo duro, llevar la carga).No físico necesariamente.
peaks and troughs ups and downs of life (highs and lows; ebb and flow) (=picos y valles)
take the plunge make a decisión about sth difficult and maybe challenging (=correr el riesgo, jugársela)
second nature (to sb) do sth easily without having to think about it (=acto reflejo) (u.tb. como característica)