Spoken greetings

by gerb0150wr
(42 terms)
term Description
What's up? informal
howdy informal
How do you do? formal
How's it going?
Hey, how are you?
long time no see
Hey, how are things?
Hey, how are things going?
good morning
hey man informal
hey girl informal
hey there
hi there
hey, nice to see you
It's been a while
hey man
hey dude
hey girl
What's new?
Hey, what's going on?
What have you been up to?
How's life?
How was your day?
How's your day going?
How's your day going so far?
good afternoon
good evening
How have you been?
Would you like to come in?
good to see you again
nice to see you again
good to see you
nice to see you
Look who it is! When someone comes into a room
Hey, there you are!
What've you been up to lately?
How's the family?
Hiya! informal
Haven't seen you in ages!