Phrasal verbs with "off"

by hammerbcn
(43 terms)
term Description
get off
lay off sth
lay off sb
lay sb off
make off with
make off with sth
take off
put sb off
put sth off
call sth off, call off sth
write sb off
write sth off
break sth off
pay sb off, pay off sb
go off
go off sth or sb
back off
branch off
power sth off, power off sth
dash off
rub off on sth/sb
give off
blast off
cross off
cool off
doze off
fence off sth
fob off UK
head off
hold off doing sth, hold off from doing sth, hold off on doing sth
knock off
kick sth off
live off sth
mouth off about sth
pass sth/sb off as sth/sb
polish sth/sb off, polish off sth/sb
shake sth off
run off with
fence sth off
turn off
switch off
pay off sth
cut off