Lies My Teacher Told Me

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Zeta 2022 first term
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martyrdom Religionone who willingly suffers death rather than give up his or her religion:early Christian who suffers for a who undergoes suffering.
lionize to treat (a person) as a celebrity:was lionized by the press.
realpolitik Governmentpractical rather than theoretical politics.
portentous of the nature of a portent.indicating something bad for the future:a portentous defeat.overly self-important;pompous.
portent 1. Something that indicates the future2. significance; meaning
antebellum American Historybefore or existing before a war, esp. the American Civil War:
draconian of or relating to Draco, 7th-century Athenian statesman and lawmaker, or his code of laws, which prescribed death for almost every offenceharsh: draconian legislation
clandestine done in secrecy
sycophancy syc•o•phan•cy  (sik′ə fən sē, -fan′-, sī′kə-), n. self-seeking or servile flattery.the character or conduct of a sycophant
subversion sub•ver•sion /səbˈvɜrʒən, -ʃən/  n. [uncountable]the act of overthrowing or attempting to overthrow a government, or some power or authority.
debacle de•ba•cle /dəˈbɑkəl, -ˈbækəl/  n. [countable]a complete and total disaster, failure, or fiasco:The last meeting was a debacle and nothing was accomplished.
inculcate in•cul•cate /ɪnˈkʌlkeɪt, ˈɪnkʌlˌkeɪt/  v. [~ + object], -cat•ed, -cat•ing. to fix in the mind by repeated statements:to inculcate virtue in the young.
ameliorate to make or become better or more satisfactory; improve:[~ + object]Her apology ameliorated the situation.[no object]The situation ameliorated when both sides shook hands.
vanguard Militarythe front part of an advancing army.[countable* usually singular;often: the + ~]the forefront in any political movement or field of study.