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over Baldwin Receives His Bullet - Alfred Hitchcock Presents
inclined *c. Likely or wanting to do something: Tom is inclined to be lazy. _ No one seemed inclined to help. || To have an opinion about something, but not a strong opinion: He was inclined to agree with them.
ride on
catch it *g. Be punished or told off: "I'll catch it if he finds me here" Receive a punishment or scolding, as in “If I forget anything on the shopping list, I'll catch it”, or “I'm really going to get it when I turn in my paper late”.
as a matter of fact
crying It's None Of Our Business - A. Hitchcock Presents
any more
pickle πίκλα, τουρσί
play around κάνω απιστία, χαζολογάω, κάνω δοκιμές
jumpy νευρικός || nervous and worried, especially because you are frightened or guilty: My mother gets very jumpy when she's alone in the house. || nervous or anxious: Stop watching him; it makes him jumpy. 
move out μετακομίζω
done with κουράστηκα / βαρέθηκα (κτ., με ή από κτ.), relationship: finish, end (έχω τελειώσει με κπ.)
keep doing [sth]
drag σέρνω - ομαι  || There isn't any place else to leave it, I can't be dragging it up stairs all the time, can I ? (3.16 Hitchcock)
pack sth/sb in *c. INFML to manage to include a large number of things, activities, or people: We were only there four days but we packed a lot in. || I need something to pack the kids toys in. (6.22 Hitchcock) || 
awkward ˈɔː.kwəd / us ˈɑː.kwɚd || άβολο, αδέξιο, δύσκολο
a peep κιχ, τσιμουδιά, άχνα || a statement, answer, or complaint: One more peep out of you and there'll be no television tomorrow. _ There hasn't been a peep out of (= any form of communication from) my sister for a couple of weeks.
afford 2o επεισόδιο  Emelia wouldn't let the cleaning woman in the apartment today. - Maybe she can't afford her. 
walk out φεύγω, εγκαταλείπω (exit on foot), (abandon sth or sb) 
set foot πατάω το πόδι μου (enter) // Emelia hasn't set foot out of that apartment (Hitchcock)
goodwill καλή θέληση, (business asset) φήμη και πελατεία ||  I can't afford to get that kind of reputation. My business depends on the goodwill of this neighborhood (1.18 Hitchcock) = Δ. Η επιχείρησή μου εξαρτάται απ'την καλή φήμη αυτής της γειτονιάς.
nibble μπουκίτσα, μικρή δαγκωματιά, τσιμπολογώ (take small bites of)
pass on δίνω κτ σε κπ άλλο, κληροδοτώ
dead weight
trunk μπαούλο, κορμός
baby buggy (child's pushchair) (για παιδί, μωρό) καρότσι, καροτσάκι 
crash into [sb/sth] συγκρούομαι/τρακάρω με κπ/κτ 
cram [sth] into [sth] στριμώχνω  (fit sth into small space/into limited time)
hang on *m. to persist tenaciously: a cold that hung on all spring / Maybe he hangs on for the sake of the children (2.14 1o επεισοδ Hitch) || *c. to wait: Hang on – I’ll be with you in a minute!
How do I know!
air shaft αεραγωγός / φωταγωγός : I thing you ought to keep the head under that air shaft (Hitch 7.57 1ο επεισοδ)
lighten φωτίζω, ελαφραίνω
take [sth/sb] along παίρνω κπ/κτ μαζί μου 
come along
come over (pay a visit) έρχομαι, περνώ
bring over (carry or take: to a given place) φέρνω 
over για, σχετικά // They always argue over who gets to drive. = Πάντα μαλώνουν για το ποιος θα οδηγήσει. // we've made a lot trouble over nothing (1.04 Hitchcock)
attender παρευρισκόμενος
throw yourself at someone Δ. ρίχνεσαι σε κπ. || *c. to make it very obvious to someone that you want a sexual relationship with them: I don't know what it is about John, but women just seem to throw themselves at him.
hold hold sth: (contain) χωράω: This container holds four litres of liquid. = Αυτό το δοχείο περιέχει τέσσερα λίτρα υγρό.
sweet tooth γλυκατζής || have a ~ (είμαι ~) || a strong liking for sweet foods: I have a sweet tooth - I can't say no to cookies. || you really got a sweet tooth, haven't you? (2.14 2o επ. Hitch)
vacant κενό, άδειο, ελεύθερο
trunk κορμός, μπαούλο, προβοσκίδα
pass on pass sth on:  || to tell someone sth that another person has told you: Pass on my regards / my massage to them _ pass these instructions on to your colleagues / I don't know whether this is important or not, but I'll pass it on to you (3.06 2o επ.)