French words

by J2army
These are the words that will help me win in french. WIN WIN WINNNNNN
(27 terms)
term Description
je suis I have
nous we
vous you (plural)
tu you
il he/ it: HE when aimed at a person, IT when aimed at an object
elle she. (But can be used as IT for an inanimate object e.g. "I brought a new car, its red" " J'ai achete une nouvelle voitures, elle est rouge")
on somebody
ils they (plural of il. e.g. 
tu you (singuar
il he (can also be used for an inanimate object, look at the table below)
elle she  (but can also be IT for an inanimate object. e.g. " I brought a new car, it's red" "J'ai achete une nouvelle voiture, elle est rouge")
on somebody
ils they (plural for il) e.g. "Les enfants ont joué dehors puis ils sont rentrés à la maison" 
elles they e.g. Eux, ils aiment bien boire, mais elles, pas du tout. They really like drinking, but they DN
accompagner to accompany
aider to help
cadeau Present/ Gift(noun)                                  Free(adj)
cherchent looking for
chaque every/each
combien how many
me'me' even
démodée old-fashioned
semaine week
séjour stay
se reposer to rest
vacances holiday
voyage journey