Expressions with parts of the body

by hammerbcn
Be all ears, get cold feet, etc.
(53 terms)
term Description
be all ears
get cold feet
cry your heart out
by heart From memory
cold shoulder
drag your feet
have the guts
hold your tongue
in the flesh
make sbs blood run cold, make your blood run cold
blow your mind
pick sb's brains
on the tip of your tongue
cost an arm and a leg
bottoms up
head over heels
keep your chin up
play sth by ear
rule of thumb
see eye to eye
have egg on your face
have a heart of gold
bad hair day
gut feeling
pat on the back
sight for sore eyes
skeleton in the closet
give sb the cold shoulder
slip of the tongue
word of mouth
come to one's senses
dig your heels in
keep one's ear to the ground
feel the pinch
elbow grease
find your feet
get off on the wrong foot
Heads will roll
breathe down sb's neck
keep your nose to the grindstone
let your hair down
off the top of your head
on its last legs
pick sb's brain, pick sb's brains
have a bone to pick with sb
put your foot in it
put your best foot forward
see eye to eye
teething troubles
have the gift of the gab
up in arms
wash your hands of sth
one's socks off