Expressions with numbers

by hammerbcn
At sixes and sevens, dressed to the nines, etc.
(88 terms)
term Description
dressed to the nines
on cloud nine
at sixes and sevens
one in a million
give sb your two cents
kill two birds with one stone
on all fours
of two minds
put two and two together
two wrongs don't make a right
have two left feet
take five
a stitch in time saves nine
get the third degree from
look like a million dollars
go from hero to zero
bunch of fives
a stitch in time saves nine
back to square one Back to the beginning
goody two-shoes
high five
one-hit wonder
one-trick pony
give sb the third degree
three sheets to the wind
two heads are better than one
be of two minds
seventh heaven
first come, first served
five o'clock shadow
forty winks
have half a mind to
in one fell swoop
have one foot in the grave
one step at a time
play second fiddle to sb
second to none
on second thoughts
two can play that game
no two ways about it
as easy as one two three
it takes two to tango
a dime a dozen
a thousand to one
a million miles away
catch 22
hang ten
the four corners of the earth
five finger discount
give me five
a hundred to one chance
don't give two hoots about
Joe six-pack
know a trick or two myself
a hundred to one shot
the lesser of two evils
nine times out of ten
ten-four Radio code for "yes"
nine lives
six feet under
as weird as a two dollar bill
the whole nine yards
three strikes
wouldn't touch sth with a then-foot pole
a hole in one
a nine to five job
all for one and one for all
seven-day wonder
one up sb
in one piece
ten-spot Ten dollar bill
open twenty-four seven
do you one better
that's the million dollar question
six ways from Sunday
I for one...
the one and only
one and the same
on the one hand
one by one
the tree R's
all rolled up in one
stand on your own two feet
sixth sense
for one thing