Expressions with food

by hammerbcn
Full of beans, butter sb up, etc.
(84 terms)
term Description
full of beans
acquired taste
have your cake and eat it too
icing on the cake
dangle a carrot
egg sb on
food for thought
egg on one's face
extend an olive branch
don't cry over spilled milk
in hot water
know which side one's bread is buttered on
spill the beans
bring home the bacon
have a bun in the oven
the proof is in the pudding
its a piece of cake
test the waters
cook the books
chalk and cheese
get another bite at the cherry Get another opportunity
have bigger fish to fry
know your onions
a different kettle of fish
sell like hot cakes
take the biscuit
play gooseberry
sour grapes
like a fish out of water
put all your eggs in one basket
go bananas
couch potato
that's the way the cookie crumbles
that old chestnut!
go nuts
the big cheese
make mincemeat of
cherry picker
be in a pickle Be in a difficult situation
eat someone out of house and home
carrot top
go pear-shaped
pie in the sky
eat humble pie
not my cup of tea
is a real bad egg
is the apple of my eye
pretty please with a cherry on top
butter sb up
cream of the crop
cut the cheese
gravy train
cool as a cucumber
is a real bad apple
handed to you on a silver platter
in a nutshell
spice things up
take sth with a grain of salt
peach fuzz
use your noodle
the kettle calling the pot black
bit off more than you can chew
as flat as a pancake
is a real fruitcake
as slow as molasses
forbidden fruit
am nuts about
buy a lemon
born with a silver spoon in your mouth
eat your heart out
chew the fat with sb
bite the hand that feeds you
the fruits of your labor
either feast or famine
half baked
like two peas in a pod
eat sb for breakfast
there's no such thing as a free lunch
is a tub of lard
walk on eggshells