Expressions with clothes

by hammerbcn
At the drop of a hat, air your dirty linen, etc.
(46 terms)
term Description
air your dirty linen
at the drop of a hat
bet your boots
in your birthday suit
by the seat of one's pants
cut from the same cloth
die with your boots on
fall apart at the seams
eat one's hat
a feather in your cap
wolf in sheep's clothing
have a bee in your bonnet
buckle down
handle with kid gloves
wear your heart on your sleeve
keep it under your hat Keep it secret
men in suits
mutton dressed as lamb
put a sock in it
put your thinking cap on
too big for your breeches
below the belt
bursting at the seams
burn a hole in your pocket
fit like a glove
keep your shirt on
off the cuff
pull your socks up
ride sb's coattails
take your hat off to sb
too big for your breeches
go cap in hand
hot under the collar
the gloves are off A fight is about to start
dig deep into your pockets, delve into your pockets, delve deep into your pockets
the shoe is on the other foot
roll up your sleeves
have a card up your sleeve
fly by the seat of your pants
hat trick
Zip it!
in someone else's shoes
wears the pants