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writhe squirm - retorcerse para liberarse (writhe es de dolor tb, no confundir con wince)
Amass collect, gather
pitch into you pitched the city into a war
thwart, forestall prevent
sidekick compinche, (accomplice)
token símbolo, señal
clipping recorte (de diario, periódico...)
deride ridiculizar
untimely demise desaparición (fin) inoportuno, prematuro
mounting creciente, cada vez mayor
cunning, wily, crafty astuto
trying complicado, dificil
glean, deduce deducir
look the part dar la talla
perks beneficios
unduly overly, excessively  (duly - debidamente) (undue, injusficado, adj)
harbour The criminal's accomplices agreed to harbour him until the heat died down.Harbour a secret (albergar)
slurp (on) sorber
chomp on chew
outdo (sbself) mejorar
grid red eléctrica, cuadrícula
rampart wall fortification
detached indiferente
concoct preparar, elaborar
akin to "i" similar to
to feign "ei" to fake
nip in the bud cortar de raiz
arrondissement distrito
abet (sth, sb) ser complice de, incitar
just shy of slightly under
land on your feet, hit feet caer de pie
impersonate (sb) pass yourself off as sb - hacerse pasar por 
the world revolves around you girar
knocked me on my butt literally overnight
ride out the storm  aguantar, resistir
frayed the edge of the skirt is a bit frayed (deshilachado) // his composure was frayed (tranquilidad fue exaltada/crispada) 
unblemished / blemish flawless, inmaculado / defecto, error
fairly sizable mistake considerable
throttle / at full throttle
fete / feted fiesta al aire libre / festejeado
peg sb as / busybody etiquetar a alguien como (label sb as) / entrometido (inf) o meddler (meddle in) 
swindle / grift (out) / bilk (out) timo, timar
feckless ineficaz, inúlti (person - iddle)
grand, petit (petty) larceny (law) hurto mayor y leve
newfound (adj) newly discovered
to be in a predicament (tight spot) difficult situation, apuro
wit humor
dim tonto, tenue, atenuarse, vaga memoria
squabble, boat, tussle pelea
ward off, repel, deflect, fight off, fend off repeler, esquivar
at any rate anyways
it will sway them to fall in line influir
hurtle rush towards (humankind was hurtling towards extinction
geld (horse) neuter (dog) castrate
throb(bing) / hearthrob palpitar, latir, pulsación / 
stick up for myself dar la cara por uno mismo, defenderse
vaunt, laud, flatter, crow about/over boast, praise (alardear)
gaunt demacrado
jostle push, shovel
wait it out terminar a que termine
jive (slang) insincere
butt in entrometerse
next of kin pariente más cercano
a shut-in pecino
to be fresh out of se me acaba de terminar
get hitched casarse
keel over dar un patatus, desfallecer (swoon) // 
hog (sth) acaparar, ocupar // the hog (pig) gulped up anything that fell into the trough
deadbeat vago
leech off (sb) vivir de, chupar del saco
stop fidgeting with your hair, it reads weak
pull a muscle
cop a plea declararse culpable de una sentencia menor
skew sesgar
nuts and bolts tuercas y tornillos
kibble alimento balanceado
busted fémur reventado
hit rock bottom
shingle shingle beach (playa piedras), gravilla, to be off work cuz of shingles (herpes zoster)
grubby sucio, mugriento
cono helado cone
tipping point crunch time, defining moment, clutch, breaking point - momento crucial, crítico
linger stay, not leave sth
gauche cohibido (timid)
egress salida (de un sitio, no siendo la puerta)
tag along seguir a todas partes a alguien
gig bolo de música, gancho para pescar (hook), lancha (boat)
shoal of banco, multitud de (peces...)
perk up cheer up
break in my shoes ablandar zapatos
foot the bill pagar la cuenta
to be an ingrate ungrateful person
nag (at) (sb) // badger (sb) / ply (sb) quejarse, insistir en algo / ply es más acosar o bombardear con algo como preguntas
auction (off) subasta(r)
tap into ganar acceso a 
the bone poked out
flare-up brote, estallido
pamper spoil (mimar)
clutter desorden
slaw ensalada de col
tot, tyke toddler (child)
hook me up with morphine // walk on by me
educated guess hipótesis fundamentada
wishful thinking
stick it up to (sb) echarle la culpa a alguien
crop / buzz my hair rapar
clingy ajustado (ropa), dependiente o inseguro
stump muñon (amputado).... 
famished starving
set your sights (on) (lower)...
ransack rebuscar
down the line más a delante
ballpark aproximación (tb adj)
despond(ent), despair desesperarse (v) unhappiness (n)
hard-up desesperado por sexo
garnish The court garnished Peter's wages to pay for... (rebajar sueldo)
fiend demonio / fanático (inf) / fiend for (crave for)
void vacío, nulo, carente de valor
fledging the nestling fledge after six weeks - polluelos se empluman (producir pluma)
reap reap a profit, the benefits, the rewards... - cosechar (recoger) (los frutos)
peddle vender puerta a puerta - traficar - diseminar (lies...)
hasty veloz
suffice ((formal)) that will suffice for today (ser suficiente), suffice it to say
give an earful, tell sb off berate, scold, rebuke - echar una bronca, regañar
scrimp / skimp (on) escatimar gastos (tb stint)
smear "i" mancha(r) -  untar (spread) - desprestigiar (discredit, disgrace)
smudge "a" mancha(r) - difuminar (blur the lines)
adamant stubborn
hitch, obstacle, impediment, hurdle impedimento
embroider bordar (sew on) - adornar (invent detail, embroidered the story -> adorn, embellish, bedeck, deck out)
shack (up) chabola (slum, que es tb suburbio) // slang -> irse a convivir con pareja sexual, o juntarse (up with)
dole out distribute, give out
lets get down to brass tacks ir a lo esencial // tack (chincheta)
scuttlebutt (US) gossip
go out on a limb jugarsela
sign off on (sth) (inf) authorize
to be in over sbds head sobrepasado, hasta el cuello
to be in fine fettle condition, state - fettle (sth) revestir revestimiento
leek puerro
hassle trouble, difficulty, bother
imply insinuar // implicar (entail, signify)
buff abrillantar, pulir, pulido - beiche - (inf) musculoso - (inf) experto
let up (on) ease off
clerk dependiente, empleado, recepcionista
hit it off she and I hit it off from the start -> get along (llevarse bien)
heft peso, influencia - sopesar (consider, weigh) - levantar algo pesado
slick well executed - resbaladizo - oily
soy soja
to be left holding the bag cargando el muerto, con la culpa
clerkship oficinista, secretario
pilfer robar en pequeñas cantidades
scuffle fight, altercado
plaintiff (law) demandante 
barring a menos que, excepto que (unless) / n exclusion
prey hunt
baloney (US, slang, adj) nonsense
hindsight "ai" a posteriori, a toro pasado // hind leg: rear limb of an animal // hind: cierva hembra 
(to be on the) high-end (adj tb) gama alta
a tad (inf) un poco
plop (inf) dejar caer con despreocupación
yank pull strongly
dont look a gift horse in the mouth a caballo regalado no le mires el diente
not in the least not at all
it's like it is as though
reversed if things were reversed 
stale (adj) pasado, obsoleto, estancado... (pan, relación...)
attest to (sth) certify, testify
tune in to to tune in to sth (a radio station...) -> sintonizar
low blow golpe bajo (tb cheap shot)
scathing feroz, mordaz
wail lloriquear, gemir, lamentarse (whine)
cut a deck of cards and shuffled them
folksy rústico
to cheap out (on sth) ser rata (punk, wuss, bum, wimp, chicken... out) 
skedaddle (slang) largarse
catch up ponerse al día
own up to sth asumir la responsabilidad de
pry nose o poke around, snoop -> curiosear
leeway margen (margin), flexibilidad (tiempo), libertad para hacer algo
quirk peculiarity, rareza
rattle - rattle (sb) ruido - agitar a alguien - baby´s toy
out (sb) as (sth) (slang) exponer, descubrir, revelar a alguien como algo
play up (sth) hacer resaltar (stand out)
go all out (slang) darlo todo
spurious (claim) deceitful
no fuss no muss
confer discuss, consult
unhinged mentally unstable
flimsy endeble
tamper with (sth) / meddle in alterar, corromper (objeto, cosa) / meddle in es más para algo en la vida de alguien (interfere)
tamper-proof lock cerradura segura
Stealth sigilo
waiver (waive) documeno de exención (prescindir)
ply  (sb) with (sth) inflar a alguien de alcohol / (sth) ejercer profesión / capa madera / ply your trade / nag
make of (sb,sth) pensar sobre (a lo interpretar)
high-tail it (out, in...) salir pitando
stirring conmovedor
bog down (inf) enredarse, empantanarse
bundle (slang) millonada
throw in (inf) añadir, agregar
wind up enrrollar, envolver (wrap)
sharp / dull pain
inordinate excessive
sham sham procedure-treated (placebo)
feasibility viabilidad
fan out spread
minute  (adj) tiny
up and about (inf) caminando de nuevo (recovered from illness)
mirage espejismo
if you expect me to put out on a first date, you can think again (inf) abrirse de pierna
to be put out (inf) ofendido, verbo --> put out at/about
stroke of genious / luck golpe de suerte
to sit weird
sleep straight through
have a it (slang) intentalo
a fit of rage sudden loss of temper
chivalry (ous) caballerosidad
fetch (sth / sb: pick up) ir a buscar (si perro, ir a coger la bola, retrieve) // she called: fetch!  // fetch a good price
ceño fruncido his brow is troubled
correa de perro tug the leash (tirar de) let him off the leash 
gourd calabaza
stake out (survaillance) The police staked out the suspect's house
mettle coraje, temple 
showdown confrontation
glitch mal funcionamiento, fallo
rind "ai" (peel) cascara de fruta
leverage gain (ventaja), have (influencia)
grit  arenilla, gravilla (suciedad en objetos) - have grit (determinación, agallas)
derelict abandonado, en ruinas (adj) - vagabundo (n)
stalwart firm, loyal (adj) - loyal supporter (n)
amenable dispuesto, abierto a (adj)
stint periodo de algo, trabajo... - escatimar (v) (skimp on, spare no expense)
wholesale n (venta al por mayor), adj (wholesale merchant, price / buy sth wholesale), v (to wholesale sth)
rube cateto (slang)
snare trampa / cazar, atrapar (animal)
scrawny flaco, escualido
mug shot foto policial
ritzy (inf) elegante
splurge despilfarrar, derrochar
retract we have to retract that 
stout fornido, corpulento (bulky) (brave) (stubborn) - pint of stout (cerveza negra en Britanico)
wean destetar, dejar de amamantar
compel obligar, forzar
contender / contend for aspirante / luchar, competir por
growth spurt Aceleración del crecimiento (la etapa)
stream chorro
in stitches muerto de risa (inf)
hindrance obstáculo
manure estiércol
to wire money transferir
mingle relacionarse con gente (interact)
lousy terrible
cue ball bola blanca (billar)
pan out (inf) salir bien, dar resultado
fink snitch (slang)
get (wrap) your head around (inf) entender
browse echar un vistazo, ojear
fleece lana, esquilar lana (shearer) // (inf) desplumar dinero
tainted contaminado, podrido
cleansing purificador, liberador
oust (sb) expulsar, desalojar, destituir
refrain (from) abstenerse de, contenerse
another crack (inf) attempt 
scare up conseguir poco a poco
estrange "ei" sb separarse 
punt, defer delay, postpone, put off
tarp lona
conk out (inf) quedarse frito, petar
moot irrelevante
unimpeachable imposible to reproach: intachable, irreprochable
wince, flinch, recoil, cringe, draw back, cower  reacción: gesto o doblarse de dolor // avergonzarse o arrastrarse (cringe) // dar escalofrios 
poach sth/sb cocer / cazar furtivamente / robar, llevarse algo o alguien - inf o figurativo
tug-of-war juego de tirar de la cuerda / lucha, pelea (figurativo)
to be besotted with sth locamente enamorado de algo
skulk  to conceal oneself; to hide as for prey or booty (recompensa, ganancia - loot)
loiter, dawdle holgazanear, perder el tiempo, deambular lamentablemente (dawle es haciendo algo, loiter nada)
prowl rove over, through, or about in a stealthy manner
rove wander (vagar)
lurk remain concealed in order to ambush.
peril "perol" danger (se usa igual)
snuggle cuddle, get comfortable (into de sofa)
a lo ancho It measures 3 meters across / wide
(be at an, hit) all-time high lo máximo
hot on our tail
keep your eyes peeled
disparaging the differently abled discredit / smear the reputation of
prowess destreza
debase degrade, humiliate
overhaul renovacion
stoke the fire / stoked about sth stir up the fire (avivar) / entusiasmado
slave away trabajar como exclavo
Trait charasteristic, distinction, virtue, quality,attribute, makings
don't go off the point No te salgas del tema
Set phrase frase hecha
Jot sth He jotted her number on a scrap of paper
Bigotry fanatismo
Aloft in the air -->  he held his kite aloft
Double take (n) to do a double take (mirar dos veces)
Snide (adj) sarcástica, maliciosa // snark (inf) --> sarcasmo
Tout for (sth) --> andar a la caza por // sell blatantly // pushy seller // promote, publicize
Heckle (sb) Interrupt sb with taunts // Taunt --> tease, mock
Jigsaw rompecabezas
Grovel, crawl, cringe Arrastrarse por algo/alguien suplicando --> grovel at my feet
Mishap Setback