Electricity terms

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distribution lines Overhead or underground power lines that carry electricity through cities and neighborhoods to your home or business.
charge Electricity produced by a surplus or a shortage of electrons in an object.
fuse fjuːz  ασφάλεια // An electrical safety device consisting of a wire or strip of fusible metal that melts and interrupts the circuit when the current exceeds a preset amperage.
ground An electrical connection to the earth.
grid A power system's layout of its substations and power lines.
lightning A flash of light caused by an atmospheric electrical discharge between two clouds, or between a cloud and the earth.
lightning arrester A device used to protect an electrical component from over-voltage #
nucleus ˈnjuː.kli.əs // The center of an atom that contains both protons and neutrons. # 
solar energy ˈsəʊ.lər  ηλιακή // Energy produced by the sun’s light or heat
spike spaɪk / κορυφή, αιχμή, καρφί (π.χ. κιγκλιδώματος) || A short duration of increased voltage lasting only one-half of a cycle ˈsaɪ.k.l # 
substation An electrical facility where transformers lower high transmission voltages to be distributed to customers # 
visualize δημιουργώ εικόνα με το μυαλό μου, οπτικοποιώ # 
simulation προσομοίωση
socket πρίζα // An opening into which something fits, such as a light socket.
plug a small plastic or rubber object with2or3 metal pins,attached to the end of a wire on a piece of electrical equipment & pushed into a special opening in a wall to connect the equipment to a supply of electricity: # 
series  uk ˈsɪə.riːz // us ˈsɪr.iːz  ||  in series = σε σειρά
source sɔːrs   voltage source
parallel ˈpær.ə.lel  Two voltage sources are connected in parallel to a load. What will happen?
polarity πολικότητα, πόλωση # 
potentiometer pə.ten.ʃiˈɒm.ɪ.tər // 
rheostat ˈriː.ə.stæt // dimmer
tester electric screwdriver tester  # 
cross section διατομή  # 
constant σταθερά-ός, συνεχής, αδιάκοπος  # 
friction τριβή  # 
overcome υπερνικω, ξεπερνώ
load An electrical device or devices that use(s) electric power.
brownout ˈbraʊn.aʊt  πτώση τάσης // A temporary reduction of voltage supplied by the electric power distributor # 
surge  sɜːdʒ υπέρταση // A short duration of increased voltage.  # 
denote dɪˈnəʊt σημαίνω, δείχνω, δηλώνω // [y] We ~ the charge with the letter q. Charge is measured in the unit Coulomb and abbreviated with the letter C.  # 
abbreviate συμπτύσσω  # 
particle σωματίδιο # 
fluorescent flɔːˈres.nt  φθορίζων, που φωσφορίζει
electrocution iˌlek.trəˈkjuː.ʃən || ηλεκτροπληξία || the action of killing someone by causing electricity to flow through their body: The hairdryer poses an electrocution hazard if it is dropped in water.
electrocute iˈlek.trə.kjuːt || σκοτώνω με ηλεκτροπληξία || to kill someone by causing electricity to flow through their body: He was electrocuted when he touched the bare wires.
electrocuted που υπέστη ηλεκτροπληξία || Police found the dead body of an electrocuted man near the train track.
ferrule ˈfer.uːl || λωρίδα, δακτύλιος, Δ. ακροχιτώνιο || Α band (λωρίδα, δακτύλιος), usually made of metal, around something such as a stick or handle: 
knob στρογγυλό πόμολο, επιλογέας (διακόπτης), 
shaft ʃɑːft / λαβή, στειλιάρι, αχτίδα (φωτός), άξονας (π.χ. προπέλας), φρεάτιο, ρίξιμο (the shaft), άδική μεταχείριση, την φέρνω σε κπ / the shopkeeper had shafted him.
air shaft αεραγωγός / φωταγωγός : I thing you ought to keep the head under that air shaft (Hitch 7.57 1ο επεισοδ)
dilate daɪˈleɪt / διαστέλλω-ομαι || The pupils of the eyes dilate as darkness increases.
dilation διαστολή
contract vi kənˈtrækt / (shrink) συστέλλομαι || As it cooled, the metal contracted _ In spoken English, "do not" often contracts to "don't". || n.ˈkɒn.trækt συμβόλαιο / break the ~ _ write a ~ _ sign a contract
contraction συστολή
pin καρφίτσα, πείρος, πινέζα (push pin), ακροδέκτης / ακίδα || three pin plug = φις 3 ακίδων _ 
terminal ακροδέκτης #
screen σίτα, οθόνη, καλύπτω, ελέγχω διεξοδικά / περνάω από κόσκινο, Δ. προστασία / κάλυμμα, 
dissipate διαχέω, διώχνω, 
drop πτώση, πέφτω, αφήνω κτ να πέσει, σταγόνα
component εξάρτημα, δομικό στοιχείο
field coil
rotor windings
capacitance χωρητικότητα || The ability of a component to store an electrical charge. #
capacitor kəˈpæsɪtə  πυκνωτής
conductor A substance or material that allows electrons, or electrical current, to flow through it.
resistor αντιστάτης, αντίσταση
insulator Any material that will not allow electricity to easily flow through. #
resonating frequency συχνότητα συντονισμού
impedance σύνθετη αντίσταση
inductance επαγωγή, αυτεπαγωγή
inductor Δ. πηνίο  It consists of a wire or loop or coil. The ability of the coil which opposes the change in flow of current is a property of that coil, called inductance.