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visceral characterized by, coming from, or felt via one's instincts rather than intellect;emotional rather than intellectual:
propriety relating to, belonging to, or being a proprietor.acting as if one were an owner:She put a proprietary arm around her companion.
misnomer a name (of something) that is inappropriate because it fails to describe it properly:Calling that company a "business'' is really a misnomer; it is badly managed and has never made a profit.
affront a deliberate act or display of disrespect;insult:That false accusation was an affront to my integrity.
propitious presenting or indicating favorable conditions;suggesting that good may follow:propitious weather for a vacation.favorably disposed:a propitious ruler.
melee a confused hand-to-hand fight:waded into the melee and started hitting.a state of confusion:a wild melee of shouting and screaming.
finesse extreme delicacy or subtlety in performance;skill in handling a difficult situation:
parlay to gamble (an original amount and its winnings) on a later betting event.Informal Termsto use (something, as assets) to get a relatively great gain:to parlay a modest inheritance into a huge fortune.
brinkmanship Governmentthe policy of creating a dangerous situation and risking a great deal in order to achieve the greatest advantage:wound up playing a dangerous game of international and military brinksmanship.
paroxysm any sudden, violent, or uncontrolled outburst, as of action or emotion:paroxysms of laughter.Pathologya severe attack, or a sudden increase in the intensity, of a disease.